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All translations are performed by industrially and academically qualified linguists, working exclusively into their mother tongue and chosen technical field, with a minimum of five years experience in full-time translation.

All linguists are members of acclaimed worldwide language associations (NAATI, ITI & IOL) and are rigorously examined to assess their capabilities. In addition to our in-house staff we use a network of professional translators whom we employ on the basis of their knowledge and experience of your industry - many of whom work in their native country.

As we understand the paramount importance that information is conveyed accurately, we impose the most stringent quality controls to ensure our staff remains well informed with the latest cultural developments. All translations are proofread by a second mother tongue linguist situated in the target country, checking for spelling, grammar and cultural relevancy

All translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and terminologies, ensuring that the translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.

  • The translation is carried out by the most suitable professional linguist with a recognised qualification and extensive experience relevant to the subject matter of text.
  • Working exclusively within their chosen technical field and mother tongue language.
  • All linguists are members of an acclaimed worldwide language association and are rigorously examined to assess their capabilities.
  • Build up a glossary of terms to ensure consistency.
  • All staff remain well informed with the latest cultural developments and are also required to sign and abide by our strict confidentiality code.

Professional native speakers situated in the target language proofread the text, checking for cultural relevancy. In the case of highly sensitive material, text is translated back into the source language, ensuring the original meaning is properly understood and nothing has been lost in the translation. Any changes made during this stage are discussed and reviewed by all linguists involved in the assignment.

An experienced multilingual project manager is assigned to every assignment, co-ordinating every aspect from beginning to end, and who is responsible for:

  • Identifying your specific requirements, the nature and purpose of the commissioned text.
  • Project scheduling to conform to deadlines.
  • Assessing formats and output requirements.
  • Direct liaison with your agents or overseas clients and incorporate preferential terminology.
  • Selecting the most suitable mother tongue linguists.
  • Building up a glossary of terms to ensure consistency.
  • Providing you with regular progress reports.
  • Delivering on time, on brief and on budget.



We work with more than 5,500 qualified linguists in over
150 countries.

Full CV's are available on request.


We are always willing to "go the extra mile" to ensure the best possible service at the highest possible standard.