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No matter what content or language, we will work with you to create a technically accurate translation that is suitable in both style and tone for the document’s intended purpose and audience.    

A good marketing translation requires significant knowledge of the local market and its customs, which is why we only use translators who live in the country where the work will be used. We like to think of our marketing translators as copywriters as in many cases this is what they also do in their language.  Full profiles of our translators, detailing their experience, are available upon request.

All translations are performed by professional linguists, working exclusively into their mother tongue, with a minimum of five years experience in full-time translation. Our commitment to translation quality and presentation has earned us the reputation of linguistic excellence in this highly competitive field.

This service is highly recommended for legal documents and those intended for publication.

The translation is carefully proofread by a second independent and fully qualified mother tongue linguist. The proofreader checks each part of the text against the original to ensure translation is accurate from a technical and linguistic point of view. This involves correcting any errors in terminology, spelling and grammar.

Any changes made during this stage are discussed and reviewed by all linguists involved in the assignment.

We have the capacity to translate approximately 20,000 words a week on any one assignment, but pride ourselves on our ability to meet any realistic deadline. We offer a same day translation service for urgent documents in all major European and Asian languages.

All translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and terminologies, ensuring translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest of projects.
The use of Translation Memory Software (such as SDL & TRADOS) allows our translators to create a linguistic database during the process of translation. So, if the same or similar source text is encountered in future translation work, our translators have the previously translated phrase at their fingertips. This ensures consistency in the use of terms, increased productivity and cost savings. 

To ensure consistency in future projects, we always aim to use the same translation team. Glossaries are routinely compiled and any necessary research is undertaken.

Desktop Publishing
Presentation is just as important as content. We can assist you with typesetting, desktop publishing and web page delivery in any language you cannot fulfill in-house. All work is carried out in conjunction with linguists, who can address idiosyncrasies such as hyphenation and pagination, to communicate your message in its proper cultural context.

DTP can be performed on your existing files, or files can be created in a variety of software and hardware platforms. Our graphic artists have the ability to generate a wide range of foreign fonts and offer state-of-the-art design, layout and image setting solutions.

Documents Translated

  • Press ads
  • TV scripts
  • Straplines/endlines
  • Online banner ads
  • Radio scripts
  • Posters
  • Promotional materials
  • Pitch materials
  • Brand name research


We work with more than 5,500 qualified linguists in over
150 countries.

Full CV's are available on request.


We are always willing to "go the extra mile" to ensure the best possible service at the highest possible standard.